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Hear Gwen's bluegrass version of "The Fox"

Gwen TheFoxCover 1600You may have recently come across the viral video from Norway by Ylvis called "The Fox." It gets stuck in your head and stays there. Now hear Gwen's bluegrass version of "The Fox" with a little help from her friends Rebecca Lynn Howard and Jenee Fleenor. It's AMAZING! Watch video HERE Buy it at iTunes - http://smarturl.it/thefoxbluegrass

Sebastian Looks Forward to The Weekend - First Dates on the "Locked & ReLoaded Tour" Opening for Miranda and Dierks

Flying Island's Gwen Sebastian can't wait for this weekend.  That's when she'll be joining Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley on their "Locked and Reloaded" tour. She'll join them in Nobelsville, IN at the Klipsch Music Center on Friday night and on Saturday at the Blossom Music Center, in Cleveland, OH.

"I'm so excited to be a part of the "Locked & Reloaded" tour, and just so honored to even have been asked

tocome out and do this.  This is an amazing opportunity and I'll never forget that," Sebastian exclaimed.  "I'll always be grateful to them.  I love Dierks' music and look up to Miranda so much," she added.

Gwen continues touring with Blake Shelton and her own solo dates as well.

Gwen's new single "Suitcase" is generating fans from radio and consumers from coast to coast.

Twitter: @GwenSebastian